Are you looking to make inspiring videos to boost your small business? Video marketing is one of the integral ways of increasing traffic and sales. Here are the basics you need to consider for the best results.

1. Introduce Yourself And Explain Your Business
Create a video and add it to your homepage. Make sure you outline what you do and what you are offering to your customers. The ideal introduction video should be about 90 seconds. Such simple videos are easier to understand for your new and existing customers.

2. Highlight Social Proof
If you are doing your job right, your brand advocates should be your customers. Get your customers in front of a camera and let them reveal what they say about your products and why the love your business. First-hand videos are more effective to the audience than hearing the same people from your company make similar pitches. These customer videos will work exactly like customer reviews.

3. Choose Experts Who Can Inform The Audience
Get the leaders of your business in front of the camera and let them share their knowledge, thus educating your audience. Note that you don’t have to be running a tech business for this principle to work for you. Identify your niche and hire the experts in that niche or your own business to speak directly to your customers.

4. Show Off Your Culture
Highlight the type of content that actually makes your business unique. Showing the human side of your business plays a huge role in the buyer’s decision. Modern buyers want to relate to everything they are buying and any businesses they are interacting with. You need to highlight your business and what it is about. You can showcase a few chats with people on the team or a company picnic montage for the best results.

5. Share Your Origin Story
It’s very relevant for your small business. Most buyers are interested in how the organization originated. People love stories so you will get a huge content from this because they can relate to the origin stories of your business effortlessly.

6. Choose The Right Medium For Your Audience
Did you know that most people prefer watching a video compared to reading a text about any topic they are interested in? If you want your audience to keep coming back for more, you need to add more videos to your website or blog. You can record videos while you are in the office or walking down the street to capture the interest of your audience. Keep in mind that these videos don’t need to be perfect, even rough videos are much better.

7. Use Videos in Blogs, Social Media and Ads
People love videos more than images or text. Post videos to your blogs, your social media and your ads. Video ads do better than ones with just images or text. People will slow down to watch a video and that also gives you better SEO if on your website or better statistics in your social media and ads.

8. Always Thank Your Customers
If you want your business to be sustainable, you need to thank your customers. Make them feel appreciated if you want them to stay around. Every now and then, send remainders that you are thankful about their support and loyalty. Make the video authentic for the best results.

Try these video creation tips for your small business and enjoy the best results!

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