Beverly Taylor is dedicated to assisting businesses in their success.

She is the Founder and CEO of the Easy Key to Life™ Institute and Holistic Hub Marketing, is an Internet Entrepreneur, Trainer, Video Producer, Hypnotherapist, Personal Development Coach, and Author.

She is the founder of the Easy Key to Life™ release method, which is a simple, yet profound, way of clearing out emotional pain to access one’s true love, happiness and wisdom. This simple method creates profound transformation.

Over the last ten years, she has been personally trained by Dr. John Gray, world-renowned relationship expert and author of Men Are from Mars, Woman Are from Venus, from whom she learned much about brain chemistry, relationships and gender differences. From this and her own research, Beverly has become an expert and created Gender Brain Chemistry™ and Gender Brain Science™, creating products and training about these for practitioners.

Prior to becoming a Hypnotherapist, Beverly was a nationally known expert in Sales Automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This background served her well when she began studying internet marketing in 2003, then implementing for her business it starting in 2007. Beverly started creating marketing videos in the late 1980’s, including creating and managing one of Apple Computer’s first multimedia labs. In 2013, she began teaching business owners how to “Get More Clients – Now!” through the use of internet marketing.

Her passion and purpose in life is understanding what motivates people and how to create a joy filled, successful life. By teaching and helping other small businesses, she helps many more people achieve this same result. As a natural born teacher, Beverly loves teaching others to be the best they can be. She explains information in ways people can relate to and understand. Her gentle, caring approach helps people assimilate and act on information.

Beverly is an honored member of the Cambridge Who’s Who and Great Women of the 21st Century. She has been awarded the 2005 Achievement Award in Hypnotherapy and 2006 Angel Award from the International Hypnosis Federation, plus the 2007 Recognition of Exceptional Performance from the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is fluent in Spanish.

Above all, Beverly Taylor derives great joy in helping many people through assisting in the success of businesses of all sizes.




Your solution to your target market’s problems fascinates them.  Really, when they discover that you can uniquely get them to where they want to go, they relax.

But effectively serving your market takes knowing how to talk as if you are in your prospect’s/customer’s shoes. Conveying your marketing message in a way that aligns with what your market really wants, AND, in the way they want it, you connect!

Internationally known, accomplished and highly respected neuromarketer and copywriter Susan Fox thinks from other people’s viewpoints.  That’s what makes your marketing message so engaging.  She writes content from the viewpoint of your target market.

Susan specializes in simplifying complicated marketing concepts for small business owners.  She teaches you how to think like your target market audience. Or, she’ll write the copy for you.

Content marketing using predictable neurological scientific brain function and buying psychology methods, gendered content marketing simply makes sense. Why? Because men think like men and women think like women.

Want to fascinate, inspire and motivate your target audience?  Contact Susan and see how to use transformative copy that deeply connects with your prospects and customers.

Contact information:

Susan Fox – Your Secret Wishes LLC
4456 N. Abbe Rd. #210
Sheffield Village, Ohio 44054
24-hour message line (740) 531-0400
[email protected]

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