Many small business owners state that they hate having to do marketing. Perhaps they say that due to the fact that they believe marketing is a sleazy practice? Not only is marketing absolutely essential to the success of any business, is also isn’t sleazy when done properly. You share your expertise through distributing marketing content. Whenever customers, clients and prospects view you as an expert, of course they want to have consultations with you. Everybody is always looking for experts to give them the best solutions for the problems. Well, let’s examine an analogy to marketing and discuss the time investment that you willingly and lovingly put into your children.

Marketing is similar to spending time with your kids. As long as you remain active, they feel complete and loved. They are so very precious to you and the joy of your life. You don’t necessarily have an explanation of why you love spending so much time with your spouse and kids. You just simply love being around them.

Nothing can take the place of being in the presence of your spouse and children. Of course the connection your spouse has with your children also make a significant difference. However, the love one parent has for their children doesn’t replace the love of the other parent. So whenever you are absent from the presence of your family, you are the one who is missed since there can only be one you and there is no substitute. Your kids simply want to have both you and your spouse be with them.

Your clients and customers are like your family and children. They really need to hear from you, they adore you, they cherish you. They view you as an expert and person they can trust.

Your Expertise Is Shared Through Marketing

Whenever you come home your spouse and children are overjoyed to see you. While you have been away at work they really missed you, even if you happen to work from home. Whenever you dedicate some of your time to them and show that you genuinely care, they want to have even more time with you. This is simply human nature.

You can think of clients of yours kinds of like your business family or business children. They really love hearing from you. It’s like the old days when we had pen pals. Your clients love getting mail that contains content that discusses things that are important to them. Whatever is important to your clients needs to also be important to you for them to feel your sincerity.

Marketing is a very important aspect of creating, maintaining and sustaining your relationships with your customers and clients. So rather than viewing marketing as a waste of time, view it as a way of showing that you genuinely care and want to help your customers. Your customers and clients are, after all, the greatest fans of your business.

Focus On Accomplishing Your Business Goals

Marketing is a critical step in helping you to accomplish your business goals. It potentially can be a type of movement. For instance, do you happen to be part of the “helping” profession? If you are, you want others to know that you truly are there for them. This will include sharing knowledge that can help them with overcoming their challenges and solving their problems.

Whenever you focus on cherishing, adoring and loving your customers and clients and you have the opportunity to help somebody, think of marketing as being a lifeline for them. Your overall content, blog posts and emails all help them to feel safer and make them feel they aren’t alone. Have you ever considered that viewpoint? It’s how I see things. So when you are sharing your content it’s like throwing a life preserver to them so they know they have a friend who is there ready to help them.

Perform Marketing On A Regular Basis To Maximize Your Presence

We appear to be drowning in a sea of information. However, whenever you think about your clients, customers and prospects like friends who rely heavily on your content for helping them solve their problems, then you won’t be able to share enough information. After they identify you as an expert on a certain topic, they will want to hear from you over and over again.

Don’t Make Your Marketing All About Selling

Most of your marketing should consist of caring content. It should include tips on solving problems. Whenever you send out a letter containing secrets, strategies and tips for solving a struggle, challenge or chronic problem for your clients, they will view you as a friend. For small business owners, that’s an important goal. The more you are able to share content showing you are there and interested in helping them feel significant and important, the more they will remain loyal business friends for you as well.

Keep In Mind The Research That Shows The Main Reasons Why Customers And Clients Buy

Our human brain has four basic ways of seeing life. We make use of these four views and combine them to make decisions about relationships and our situations. The four main views regarding life are:

  • Being cooperative and being accepted for who we are
  • Getting favorable attention for performing or contributing
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy

Whenever you are marketing and nurturing your readers’ minds, you encourage them by offering them ways for improving their lives. So keep in mind you should try to integrate the most appropriate viewpoints for whoever your target market is. When you do this, you will get the greatest return on your marketing efforts for the least amount of marketing content.

Consider the four brain views from above and write down your most important marketing message to your target marketing in their own language. Deliver your message the way they would like to receive it. It will make sense to them that way.

One common phrase for understanding belief systems is “like attracts like.” If you can’t stand doing marketing, then that drives people away from your business. If all you do is complain about how difficult marketing is and how much you hate doing it, then you increase the amount of effort that is needed for doing your marketing. When you continue to say that you hate doing marketing or hate paying somebody to do it for you, it ends up costing you even more money since subconsciously you are also saying that you don’t like attracting individuals who are in need of your business solution. You need to stop doing that and view marketing for what it truly is instead.

You are similar to a lifeguard who is at a swimming pool for those who are drowning in struggle, panic, confusion and worry. They really want to know how you can help them. Your marketing should be more about the ways you can help customers instead of the amount of money its going to cost them to get help from you. If you adopt this mindset, you will enjoy marketing and doing business more instead of continuing to do what you are now and insisting that you really hate to do marketing!

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