So how do you know the best places to search to locate your target audience? In this article I will be writing to explain this idea through telling you a story. That is why it’s very important for you to read this all the way through so that you understand where to search to locate your target audience and know what to do.

A father, Bob, went into a grocery store. He wanted to purchase some unpopped popcorn. His wife had sent him to the grocery store. She was getting some snacks ready for their son Johnny’s birthday party. Johnny wanted to have popcorn but there wasn’t any in the cupboards. In our story, Johnny is the target audience. Dad is the one trying to make Johnny happy by buying him some unpopped popcorn.

Bob asked himself where would the store shelve unpopped popcorn? He was thinking like a guy who wants to figure things out by himself. First he looked where the beverages were stored, so he was searching in the wrong place. When he thought in that way he wasn’t thinking the way Johnny, his target audience, does. He was just doing whatever made sense to Bob. Do you ever do that with your marketing efforts? Do you forget to think in the way that your audience does so that you can provide them with your service or product in such a way that your target audience will think it make sense? If you do, then you are just doing what a lot of other business owners do. It’s the best they are able to do. However, they frequently miss the mark in terms of succeeding with their marketing. So let’s keep going with the story…

As Bob was in the beverage aisle walking up and down, he was thinking about snacks and all of the things that go with them. To Bob it seemed logical to search for unpopped popcorn where the beverages were. However, the store managers had a completely different thought pattern. So Bob had to keep searching. It took him much longer to accomplish his goal since he didn’t ask for help to get Johnny what he wanted quickly.

To Locate Your Target Audience, Think Like They Do

The first point is knowing where to search to locate your target audience. It is very important that you learn how to think like your target audience or market does in order to attract the right individuals for your incredible solution or product. So you really need to know your audience very well.

A Target Audience Is Comprised Of Individuals Who Think In Their Own Unique Way

Whenever you think in the same way that your target audience does, it helps you deeply connect with your ideal prospects. Bob, in our story, thought to look for unpopped popcorn in a different part of the store than the actual place where store managers shelved the item. He also wasn’t thinking like Johnny. He just kept on doing the best that he could without asking anyone for help.

So the way that you think needs to be the same way that your target audience thinks so that you know where to locate your target audience. You might need to undergo some training for that, but it will definitely pay off big time if you are able to take some time to get the coaching or training that you need so that you can more quickly and effectively make connections with your ideal prospects.

If your ideal prospects and you are thinking about the same things, you will find the relationship scenarios, activities and situations that bring you together the most often with your ideal prospects.   So let’s return to our story once again.

What Is It That Your Ideal Prospect Truly Wants?

Bob in our story was focused on what it was that he wanted… which was unpopped popcorn for Johnny in the location that Bob thought the snack should be shelved. He wasn’t thinking about what brand of unpopped popcorn was available. He also didn’t care about the packaging. He just wanted to find unpopped popcorn. Because he was so focused on finding what he was looking for, he began to walk up and down the aisles in the store searching for most likely place to find what he was looking for. Under his breath he was complaining about how stupid the store managers were for not shelving the unpopped popcorn in the place that was logical to Bob. All that did was frustrate Bob and delay him finding the popcorn.

Since Bob is a man, he likes feeling like he’s a winner (that helps the male brain chemistry). When he isn’t winning, that makes him feel like he is a loser. That just makes men get even more frustrated. They don’t like having to ask for directions since that may prove publicly that they are are losers and can’t figure things out on their own. They will only ask for directions as a last resort when they are really lost.

That is what happened to Bob eventually. He knew that his wife wanted him to return home fast to help her with Johnny’s birthday party. She was wanting his help. That is something that women tend to like. They like being supported whenever they ask for help. Is this starting to give you some good ideas about how you need to take your time and also knowing what the difference is between selling to a woman and selling to man? It is very important that you understand that men think in a different way than women do in order to solve their problems.

When Bob start to think about how he needed to help his wife, that is when he stopping wasting so much time (since he was starting to feel like a loser). So she asked one of the employees in the store where that shelved their unpopped popcorn. It turned out it was in a very local place, which was the snacks aisle. However, Bob had to be educated in terms of how the store’s products were laid out. As a business owner, that is true for you as well. It is important for you to educate your prospects in terms of what you have to offer, as well as what relationship scenarios, activities and situations would apply best to your specific service and product.

How To Educate Your Prospects So They Know That Your Offer Is The One That They Want

You do webinars, create videos, write articles and blog posts, and basically to all kinds of different marketing. Why should you use so many different marketing methods for getting your message across? Because there are 4 basic ways that people think. They use logic (plans, systems, words); think in feelings, think using mind images (clip art, photographic stills, slide shares, videos) and comparative analysis (critical analysis, processes, symbols, numbers). Whenever your marketing messages make people feel as if you really do want to help them out, you are connected on a level that is very important. When you consider all of these things, that is how you will know where to search for and locate your target audience.

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