Do you find yourself worrying that your website needs subscribers? If so, you must get email addresses from your prospects by giving them something they truly want. Once a prospect has given you their email address, it means that they are interested in learning more about statements made in your Call to Action (CTA). The opt-in page is the tool that is used to get those desired email addresses.

Email addresses are shared by prospects with you on your opt-in page. If you think that this getting those email addresses is simple, you would be wrong. When a prospect shares their email address with you, they are actually starting a relationship with your company. In fact, that’s exactly the reason that you want to get them. In a way, you are trying to become a welcome addition to the inbox of their email.

Opt-In Pages Have Many Different Names

Some authors and web developers refer to opt-in pages by different names. The term squeeze page is often heard. I always think of those old Elliot Ness moves in classic black and white when I hear the term. Do you remember those flicks? The bad guys are always getting squeezed by the coppers for more information. Eww. If I were a customer, that approach would turn me off. You can avoid those negative connotations and instead think in terms of improving the quality of their lives. Instead of using trickery to get their email address, you ask for the information.

Another term that is used instead of opt-in page is the landing page. When I hear that term, I always think of World War 2 and the paratroopers who landed on enemy territory during tactical operations.

Or, the term lead page may be something that you are more familiar with. In fact, lead pages operate very similarly to opt-in pages and are often part of tool sets designed to generate leads like opt-in pages are. Lead pages include a search for people interested in your expertise in your particular subject and help you connect with them.

Tips for Creating Opt-in Pages

In this post, we will cover tips for creating opt-in pages that are more effective. Hopefully, your own lead pages may work better when you include some of these tips.

It is an interesting Call to Action (CTA) that leads prospects to your opt-in pages. Because of this, you know that you have found a prospect who already want to know more about what you have to offer in your CTA. To be effective, continue to focus on your target topic. That’s what brought them in. Be genuine in your desire to help them solve whatever problem they have and always maintain high levels of honesty.

Both the headline and the content you use on your opt-in page should be relevant to the subject used in your CTA. Promise to solve a serious problem or improve someone’s quality of life in the headline.

Use a large font and make the headline standout by using the color red. Here are some headline examples:

Learn How To Natural Eliminate IBS With This FREE Report

The Flaws Of Using ____________ in __________ Exposed In This FREE Report

In the opt-in page, use bullet points to list the benefits. Make sure those benefits match the intent of the CTA. Your prospect will connect emotionally to what you have to offer when written correctly. The overall theme of your opt-in page MUST jive with the meaning and intent of your CTA. Only one idea should be covered in the content. Here are some examples:

The need for costly weight loss pills is eliminated when weight loss happens naturally.

It’s safer to eliminate IBS using natural methods.

Real solutions about __________ are possible when you understand what’s wrong with ________________ .

An exclusive element must be included in your incentive offer. Your prospects must be aware that the only way to get this value offer is to work with you. For example:

Permanent weight loss secrets found as a result of our proprietary research.

Our customers are the only ones who can get access to this important information.

We feel compelled to let you know about the flaws involved in __________ that is currently used for ______________ to make sure that you can better manage your health without wasting your money and time.

Your overall brand must be reflected in your incentive offer. When you do this, you keep your prospects interest in future messages from you. Interested prospects are more responsive to you and devoted to your interests.

You incentive offer must remain front and center. When your prospect shared their email address with you, what did you offer to them? Do not fail to give them the promised goods. Prospects will subscribe when the incentive offer immediately appeals to them.

Your offerings must remain consistent. Make sure that the brand image you are conveying is the same on every page from your opt-in page all the way to your page that thanks your customer. Your brand will be seen as more trustworthy when you do this.

What is included in your offer is vital. However, it is also important to know your audience. Be sure that you include an incentive that will attract the audience you are seeking and take pains to deliver it in a way that will attract them. Don’t offer something to them that they can’t use. They won’t bother to act if you do

Use surveys within your market to find an incentive that your target market can emotionally connect to. To do this, you must deeply understand their needs and desires. Once you know what they want, let them know how you will improve the quality of their life.

Their problem should be completely solved by your incentive offer. All of your sub-offers included within your offer should be relevant to your prospects. Once your customers and prospects understand that your aim is to help them, they will view your business more favorably. In fact, they will see you as a friend. That is a desirable position to be in.

In your opt-in page, be sure to add your call to action. In the instructions within your opt-in page, position yourself as a thought leader. Gently guide your prospect through the process of signing up which should always include their primary email address as well as their first name.

When you take the time to create a relationship with your prospective customers, you will be more successful in the long run.

We encourage you to focus on doing marketing in a way that genuinely helps your prospects solve their problem. We realize not everything can do this. That’s why we are here for you. If you need help with SEO or any aspect of marketing, please know we are here to help. If you need direction about your marketing please email us at [email protected].

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