What motivates you to start a business? Is it to make earnings, or to just keep yourself busy? No matter your motivating factor, it sure is always great making some extra cash from your business. How’d you feel if your business had the potential to win over as many clients as possible? What about being able to write engaging blog posts that will easily persuade potential clients to do business with you? Can you imagine how fast your business will grow if you had the potential to do all these?

Every business has the prospective to grow; but that growth greatly depends on how the business owner handles his/her business. Coming up with blog posts that nicely portray your business; its services and advantages, can do the magic. Write engaging blog posts that will update clients on product launches and changes. Tell them about new partnerships and how these are geared towards serving them even better. Tell them about policy changes and additions in the services you offer them. Use blog posts to make your clients feel like they are part of your business, and they will connect and stay with you for a long time.

Many small business owners do not stand out in their business these days.  They have the potential to do it.  However, they fail to follow the right principles when writing blog posts. In other words, their blog posts may not be engaging enough to attract clients to the business.

So, what should you as a business owner consider to attract as many customers as possible when it comes to writing marketing content? What should you do if you want to write engaging blog posts for your small business? Here are some ideas.

When writing a post, make the subject line and content engaging. What are your customers interested in regarding content that helps them?  Write as if you are a pen pal telling them news that helps them.  When you keep encouraging, inspiring or educating them on how to get more clients for themselves or on how to solve problems personally affecting them, your readers want to stay with you.

Consider your audience, and tackle the post from an angle that you think will be most beneficial to them. Wondering how you can do all these? Well, you just need to follow a few simple rules.

Make Your Opening Captivating

Do you want to get the world reading your blog post? Your title and perhaps first paragraph will have to be particularly enticing. Create titles that are relationship oriented, show you care about them, inspire and motivate, make them question something, ask them to respond to keep up a conversation.  Be like a pen pal in your content.  Striking titles containing these general themes generally catch their attention so they would open up the email even if they were not initially interested in the article.

Imagine your reader skimming through an interesting introductory paragraph.  Like an inviting mystery novel, get them engaged right up front.  Following these few tips will certainly inspire them to read your post to the end.

Can you then think of how many potential clients you could get to read your post simply because of its attractive introduction? As a business owner, the introduction of your blog posts will greatly determine whether or not they attract potential clients to your business. Some advise though; go for simple, clear and concise titles when you write engaging blog posts.

Illustrate With Images

Whenever you set out to write a blog post, think of others you may have seen that are just a chunk of words without an image. Compare those “word chunked” posts (in your mind) that hooked you into reading the entire article compared with posts with associated images that helped further clarify the post’s main idea. Do you see a difference between the chunk of words only posts and those with illustrative images?

Images with posts make the blog more interesting and better understood. Consider this when write your future engaging blog posts.

Add a Call To Action (CTA)

A CTA is no doubt a means of keeping your readers engaged. Imagine writing thought provoking and engaging blog posts that catches your reader’s attention and then not giving them the opportunity to reach you for further discussions. That will be several potential clients lost.  You wouldn’t want that as a business owner.

A CTA not only ensures that readers of your engaging blog posts contact you if they are interested in your business, it actually persuades them to get to you even if they typically wouldn’t have thought of doing so.

Cultivate the habit of writing engaging blog posts.  Make them thought provoking, engaging and enticing. It’ll ensure you always have a reason to smile about being in business.


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