Are you a beginning solopreneur wanting to live your business dream? Do you feel intimidated thinking that marketing is too technically hard for you to learn? Do you believe if somebody would just talk “plain English” instead of “techno-speak” regarding marketing, you could successfully market your business? If you answered yes to these questions, I have good news for you. The solution to this challenge is attending a Newbie Marketing Training course.

What does newbie marketing training provide?

It provides information for you to use, in plain English, so you can use your computer and communicate globally with others to find what you seek. Being able to talk to the world is the first step in setting up and running a business. A patient, experienced marketing coach provides newbie marketing training. This coach speaks in terms anyone can understand. That’s why it’s called newbie marketing training.

For example, do you know what a “web browser” is? In plain English, a web browser is a computer program you use when to get you online via your computer. You use this program to navigate your way around the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is also called the internet. Common examples of browsers are Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You cannot get onto the internet without a web browser.

A web browser is like a freeway on ramp. You have to use on ramps to get onto specific freeways that lead you to certain destinations. In plain English, a web browser is the way you get access to use something called a search engine.

A search engine is another computer software program. It is like an online phone book directory. When you are searching for specific information to solve a problem, you type words relating to the solution you seek into the search engine box. After you type those specific words into the search engine box, within a few seconds you discover many places that can specifically provide information to help you solve your problem.

Many people feel intimidated by using a computer. However, it is a MUST in this day and age for you to have an online presence if you want to promote and market your business. And, you can successfully learn to promote your business and be seen by your ideal prospects and customers, when you first get newbie marketing training.

Just reading this blog post, you’ve learned, in plain English, what a browser and search engine are. You have just educated yourself and taken the first step to becoming a business success.

But this is only the beginning. There is so much more to learn about being a successful solopreneur!

If you are a beginning small business owner (also called a solopreneur) wanting…no, NEEDING, a plain English version of how online and offline marketing works, we need to connect. I’ve created a course called Get More Clients – Now! In this class that meets weekly for 3 months, you learn alongside other beginning solopreneurs, how to kickstart your business.

To get you started in your training, I’d like to give you a FREE gift. It is a digital report called Online Marketing Kickstart Tips. Here’s the link to getting your FREE ebook to start you on your training journey:

Online Marketing Kickstart Tips report

But more than just the ebook, I want you to know about how to make your business dreams come true. And that can happen when you invest in the right training for your business. Getting training up front saves you time, money, frustration and avoids costly mistakes. So, I also want to tell you about my course called Get More Clients – Now! As a student in this course, you’ll discover the simplified way to market your business.

To get more information about this course, click on this next link. Whatever you decide to do, whatever you believe in, believe in what you are doing. Invest in this training to get clients now!

Online Marketing Kickstart Training Class

Look, the bottom line is that you and I both are part of the business community as solopreneurs. My specialty is in marketing. I believe I can help you. Know that I’m here for you!

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