SEO is something that all businesses need to use, but it is also something that not all business owners know a lot about. If you run a small business and have not looked at SEO, you are limiting the reach of your website and the profitability of your business. Before jumping into SEO, there are some basics of SEO that you need to know about.

Have A Logical Website Structure

Your website is the foundation of your SEO strategy. It is where all your SEO efforts lead and will play a large role in how well your SEO strategy does. As your website is vital to SEO, you need to start with the basics there and the first step is to have a logical website structure.

Google states that your website should be built with a logical link structure. Every page on your website should also be reachable via one static text link at least. This means that your website needs to be easy to navigate and the navigation should make sense to the visitor.

This might seem easy, but as your website grows and you add more pages, it can become hard to keep track. The best way to check your website structure is to go to your home page and look at the main navigation menu. If everything makes sense there, you should look at any site maps that you have.

Ensure All Pages Have Good Meta Data

Meta data is invisible on your website, but will show in the search engine results and is read by the search engine bots. This data is very important and you need to have it for every page on your website. The meta description and title for each page will also need to be unique.

When creating the meta data, you also need to ensure that the description and title do not exceed the length that Google can show. It is recommended that your keyword is included in the data as well. Fortunately, if you are using WordPress, there are a number of plug-ins you can use to help place and create your meta data.

Have Good And Relevant Website Copy

The content on your website plays a large role in your SEO strategy. Most pages on your website will have written content and it needs to help boost your business. The search engines look at the content to determine what the website is about and how to rank it.

The content you have should be relevant to your business niche and add value to those who read it. It should also be written for humans and not the search engine bots. This means any keywords have to flow with the rest of the content and should not be stuffed in the middle of a sentence where it makes no sense.

There are a lot of basics of SEO that every business owner needs to know. These basics will form the foundation of a solid SEO strategy that boosts website visibility and your business client base.

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