Ever consider you may need to change your line of business because you’re not currently really engaged in your true, life passion? If this idea seems to resonate with you, you may be wondering how to start a new business.  Keep reading and know that starting a successful new business is possible.

The Excitement Begins!

It is exciting starting a new business. You generally feel pumped up imagining the adventure before you. You can successfully know how to start a new business.  It takes focus and perseverance.

To succeed in a new business, do an appropriate amount of market research. But, things really start at a whole other starting point.  Let’s start at the real beginning.

How To Start A New Business

Did you know that you can actually transform your inspiration into income? It’s true.  You start by right here:

  1. First, write out on paper the things you love to do. This exercise reveals your talents and passions.  When you write out on paper what you love to do, you get a better vision of what rolls your socks up and down in each day.  It inspires you to want to get out of bed each day and work your business!
  2. Research the business ideas associated with your talents and passions. People who share your same talents and passions do certain activities associated with those talents and passions.  What are the problems and challenges that commonly come with these talents and passions?  Write them out on paper so you can see what they are.
  3. Is there a high demand for solutions to these revealed problems/challenges for people who share your talents and passions? If you know the solution that eliminates or helps make these problems and challenges manageable, you might have a winning business idea.
  4. Connect with like-minded others who need your solution approach to their unique problems and challenges. Talk with them.  What specific and unique problems and challenges do they experience?  Listen and write down their feedback.  Use their specific terms and the exact wording they use to describe what they dislike most.  This will be helpful when you write up marketing content on your website and in keyword research online for your business.

If you know how to help your target market in a way that shows you speak their language, this is meaningful to them.  The more you speak as an expert, the faster they will trust and buy from you.  That’s the real value of revealing what your talents and passions are and the problems and challenges that come with them.

  1. Next, your solution to their problems/challenges must be better, more unique, new, different and include an upgrade to solving the problem when compared with the way your competitors solve the problem/challenge. It must be easier, cheaper, quicker or something that helps your target market want to incorporate the change YOU offer in a way more meaningful to THEM.  After all, your solution requires them to adapt and take a chance on changing from what they are currently doing to solve their problem/challenge.  So, write out the benefits of them accepting the change in the unique way YOU do it.
  2. Turn your solution into a book, a course, a CD, a coaching session, etc., This really helps you to think like a business owner who is an expert at using this unique talent or passion. Your customers can become your students or your clients depending on how you package up the solution to the problem.
  3. The next step is to regularly talk with the likeminded people in your specific audience, called a niche. This is where networking comes into play. Once you know the exact places in which to network, that has a huge demand and money to buy your solution to that specific problem, voila!  You’ve discovered a profitable business niche.
  4. The next step is to determine if it is worth your while and the resources to help others solve that specific problem. There are some other steps to traveling on a profitable business path with your unique idea.  That’s why it’s really smart to hire a business and marketing coach.  It just makes good business sense to get the help you need.

Now it’s time to go for it.  You have begun to learn how to start a new business. So, let the joy begin!

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