The other day I witnessed two children involved in sibling rivalry, over which movie to watch. The way they were talking, arguing and fighting (verbally of course) for the TV remote really cracks me up (you know how kids are). The funny thing was that the two small kids wanted to watch the same movie, and their argument was who to control the remote TV. Again they all wanted to watch the same movie for different reasons. How is this related to your marketing efforts?

As I was watching them, one thing clicked in my mind that is almost similar to what the kids were doing; and that is; Business Marketing Efforts. As the movie was about to start, one of the boys convinced the other that he should be in charge of the TV’s remote.

Well, Back To Business Marketing Efforts Now:

Watching the two kids fighting over the remote control made me realize that; every business is like the two boys; fighting over the same market share (TV Remote Control). What does this mean? It simply means that different businesses are always fighting to win over customers or clients.

For this reason, it is paramount for a business to maximize their marketing efforts. One of the main ways to maximize marketing efforts is by understanding the value of promoting services and products in the most attractive way, according to your market segment. This means that you should offer services and products that will help them the most.

It took me a while to understand that people, in general, want to be assisted in a specific way that will make sense to them. Just like the two boys; where one won the power to control the TV’s remote because he said something that made sense to the other. Therefore, when it comes to marketing, you should consider the following.

1.   Presenting Your Offer In The Right Way

The way you present your services, products, or whatever you have to offer; will matter a lot. Using the two boys as the example, both of them wanted to watch the same thing, but they were fighting for the remote. One of them presented his case in the right way making the other one agree.

Well, when it comes to marketing, it is almost the same thing but only with a small difference. Let us assume that a customer is looking for a product that you are offering. One of the things/factors that will make the said customer get it from you and not from your competitors will mainly depend on the way you present your offer.

NOTE: Different customers will choose your offer for different reasons. Therefore, it is important to identify what customers are looking for in your business and services as well.

2.   Agreement For Different Reasons Means Unique Opportunity For Sub-Niche Marketing

Generally speaking, when someone agrees with you; means that you are speaking the same language. However, when it comes to marketing, it means changing your marketing efforts to help sub-niches; for the customer to see the value of what you have to offer, in a different point of view.

For example, the two boys did not require convincing to watch the same movie. In other words, they all wanted to watch the same thing, but the only difference they had is for whom to control the TV. This meant that they had an agreement to watch the same thing but differed on control. One of the boys made the other one see the value of him controlling the TV in a different point of view.

While keeping the story of the two boys in mind, ask yourself this question; how many time has this happened in your marketing offer? In other words, have you paid any attention to the different conversion rates in your marketing efforts? Well, you have identified the different reasons customers have, the only thing that will make a big different is sub-niching your marketing materials.

3.   Define And Describe Your Target Market

It is very important to define and identify who your target market is. In other words, you need to know who you are selling to as well as the emotion attachment to use. Moreover, try to know how many people you can be able to reach to using a particular marketing campaign. You should be able to speak the same language, which will help you greatly.

4.   Research That Show Primary Reasons Customers Are Buying From You

Did you know that the human brain actually categorizes an idea with a reason? Generally, when it comes to buying any product, the reasons can be divided into four basic categories. These classes are:

  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Getting Favorable attention for Performance or Contribution
  • Being Cooperative And Accepted For Who You Are

This should apply when it comes to writing your marketing copy to tackle the most appropriate point of view of your targeted audience. Many types of research show the way the brain dominates the way a person will interpret life. To know more about this, you should read a book called “The Creative Brain” by Ned Herrmann. Honestly, this is a great book.

Write the important marketing messages to your target audience the way you want. But when doing this, it is advisable to use words that will inspire and support the beliefs and idea of your audience. In my case, I prefer to use an excellent online reference from a great novel writer for my creative writing. Have a look at the following link to know what I am saying exactly:

One thing I like about this website is the design. Through it, you will definitely find great words to convey your message. At the same time, you should consider looking at the way your service or product applies to a situation where it is used. Do not forget to convey the way your offer improves personal “use value” to your end users in your marketing efforts. Therefore, you should make sure that you have described how your product or service is better in terms of efficiency, accuracy, productivity and much more compared to your competitors.

5.   Sharing Your Belief With Your Market

It is also important to share what you believe regarding your products or services. It is important to phrase your marketing copy from this point of view and surely it will help you solve few problems that you might have. The good news is that you can even start a movement with this idea. It is an excellent way to create a fan base on social media, which is a great marketing tool these days. Therefore, this makes it an excellent way to maximize your marketing strategies and efforts.

What are you waiting for? This is an excellent opportunity to create a movement for your product or service. It will also help you solve some problems and communicate to your customers easily. In general, this is what it means by running a business.

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