People just starting out in their business may know they want to start a business but don’t know what market to serve.  Or, folks already in business may want to branch out into other markets or market segments. This requires finding a lucrative market.

Discovering A Lucrative Market Takes Know-How

Finding a lucrative market to serve requires you to do market research. There are simple things you can do to effectively make it happen including learning your natural passion.  When you know what you LOVE doing, and do that, you can succeed in a business.

In this blog post, take a peek at some ideas designed to help you succeed in discovering a lucrative market.  It’s a key idea needed to run a successful endeavor.

Tips For Unearthing A Lucrative Market

Be truthful with yourself. What would you really enjoy doing? This is a passion that comes naturally for you. Think of an activity you LOVE doing. This is something you like doing whether you got paid to do it or not.

Wonder where to get started looking for at least one activity you LOVE doing? This list might jog your memory about your life passion. When you see these prompts, start writing ideas next to them. After you get ideas on paper, then continue doing your market research looking for a viable market with money to serve. Need more help?  Check out the book on the website called Steps To Becoming A Business Success – Module 1 – Finding A Lucrative Market to Serve.

  1. unique challenges only you’ve experienced during your life (including paranormal events that can be substantiated by credible witnesses)
  2. childhood events
  3. a happy memory that your mind repeats
  4. a specific achievement you’ve accomplished
  5. times when you’ve taken action and felt proud of yourself
  6. happy elementary, middle school, high school, trade school, vocational school or college events
  7. fulfilling and satisfying jobs you’ve held
  8. the details of your ideal dream job
  9. loving, rewarding or uplifting relationships
  10. times when you’ve triumphed to overcome challenges
  11. life-changing events where you suddenly realized or used your personal strengths
  12. being inspired by a surprise discovery or idea that turned into a successful business
  13. traveling experiences you’ve enjoyed which changed your life forever
  14. instruments you’ve masterfully played and still LOVE playing
  15. music that has really inspired you
  16. television or radio appearances which inspired you
  17. hobbies or crafts you enjoy doing and feel inspired to share
  18. a shocking life experience and how to become an inspirational speaker as a result of it
  19. lifelong friendships you have made and unique things you’ve done together
  20. famous people you’ve met and unique true details about them
  21. amazing sales or other goals you’ve achieved
  22. anything else of a non-fiction nature that contains a solution to a most perplexing challenge
  23. ways in which you were inspired to develop new skills
  24. a random thought that led to changing your life and/or the lives of others forever
  25. a poem or a lesson from a book that changed your life forever
  26. a sermon you heard at church or a spiritual event that changed your life forever
  27. an experience from a shopping trip or running an errand that forever changed your life or the lives of others
  28. a second-hand story from a friend or family member that deeply impacted you for life
  29. experiences lived and played out while being a member of specific associations, clubs, groups, organizations, etc., that hold deep, fulfilling, satisfying meaning for you even as you recall them today

Experiences from being a military veteran that inspired and motivated you or gave you strength and courage to keep going

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