What would you say is one of the most important types of blog posts? It is one that is able to take your regular reader and make them into a loyal fan. You may be asking how do you even accomplish that? It is possible by creating a piece of content that allows your reader to take actionable steps and improve an aspect of their life. We have several tips below that are going to help improves your blog posts. We are going to show you how you can entertain and educate your readers at the same time. This form of edutainment can be difficult to achieve at first.

A blog is meant to be an open journal for all to read. So think of what type of juicy things would you like to read in a journal. Or more specifically, what would your target audience want to read? What exactly does juicy mean in this context? It simply means it is something that is going to grab your readers attention and not let go. Take a look at some of the most popular blogs to see how other bloggers do it. Whatever your target audience is interested in, you have to be willing to keep them educated and entertained. This includes posting videos, songs, pictures, and infographics.

While this is important to your readers, you also need to invest in properly optimizing your blog for the search engines. This is where you want to find the best keywords that are not only going to convert but allow you to be found easily in the search engines. For optimal performance, you want to find searches under 1,000 times a month and are more than three words.

When creating your blog posts you have to make them interesting for not only humans but search engines as well. There are always going to be certain words that are always going to be associated with your primary niche. For example, let’s take a look at chickens. So if you are creating chicken coops, you do not want to start blogging about pig training. So to keep your audience and the search engines on track with your SEO efforts try to keep things related to chickens and let the other farm animals rest. Search engines start to get confused as to where to place your site if you have a lot of different topics and keywords. They simply do not know how to identify you or where to place you. Stay on topic and the search engines and your readers will love you for it.

In order to have your blog posts found easier in the search engines, you will want to target a specific keyword and place it a couple of times in the post. Never go hog wild and over use it as Google may consider your post and site to be spam and deindex it from the search engines. Taking a quick look at chicken coops, this would be an example of overusing it; When you decide to purchase a chicken you need to invest in chicken coops, finding the best chicken coops can be a difficult task. However, we have found the top chicken coops online that are the least expensive chicken coops as well. Do you see how redundant that is? The search engines do not want that, nor do your readers. Simply keep it natural and friendly.

You always want to use your keyword where it is going to make sense to your human readers. You might be able to make things sound good to the search engines, but it will not fly with humans. Always write for your human audience first and then for the search engines. Because only your human audience is going to take out their wallet and buy your products and services.

When creating your blog, try to keep things organized with relevant categories. You can use tags to makes things easier to find. Tags are general broad categories that will make it easier for search engines to sort through your site.

Have you heard about meta descriptions? Do you know what one is? A meta description is a 156 character intro into your post that will appear in the search engines. This is what you want to pull in a visitor while they are searching through the search engines. This needs to be something that is going to set your site apart from all the rest on the page. Make it unique, shocking, funny, or quirky. Do anything that will make someone click on your site.

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