As a business owner, you always want to have clients coming to do business with you. Did you know that you too have a role to play in bringing in new clients and keeping old ones? Customer Loyalty Programs are an excellent way to keep clients glued to you.

Let’s look at a few issues here… When did you last make your clients see that you appreciate them for doing business with you, and you wish they come more often? When did you last make a client see that by doing business with you, he/she is contributing to the success of your venture and you truly appreciate that? When did you last make your clients feel like you recognize them as part of the business, and you acknowledge the fact that you wouldn’t succeed without them?

Respecting and recognizing that your customers keep you in business will make customers your loyal fans.  Loyal fans want to come back and repeatedly do business with you.

While some businesses can enjoy the loyalty of die heart clients who refuse to leave them no matter the circumstance, every business still needs new clients. There are a couple of things that motivate clients to go to a business. One of them is customer loyalty programs when the business recognizes and appreciates clients for doing business with them.

But what exactly is a customer loyalty program and how does it help to make your business grow? Well, a loyalty program is exactly what the name suggests; rewarding loyal customers. The principle is simple; these programs (that include credit, prizes and/or other benefits) attract customers and motivate them to stay loyal to your business.

You may be wondering if and how effective such programs can be. It turns out they’re proven to very effectively keep customers and clients as loyal fans.

Customer Loyalty Programs Are Affordable Because They Keep You IN Business

Quite often, when business owners think of a customer loyalty program, they start imaging that such a venture could drain them of their resources. But think about this… how much money do you currently spend on traditional channels, PR, online marketing and others to get clients? Probably thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Can you imagine what will happen if you offered just a fraction of that to your loyal customers? Do you see that such an action will spur them to stay business friends with you? And what’s more, they will likely bring in quite some returns because they could attract their friends to the business. It’s not like the traditional publicity channels are not effective in bringing in clients. Mixing them with customer loyalty programs could do magic for your business.

Customer Loyalty Programs Make Clients Happy

If you still think that customer loyalty programs are worthless, consider this… A ClickFox study illustrated that 62% of clients don’t necessarily believe that the brands they’re most loyal to, reward them enough. According to the study, this increased the chances of clients altering their behavior to maximize loyalty benefits by 57%.

In the business world today, clients expect more from the brands they are faithful to. If they feel like they’re not receiving a well deserved “thank you” for their time and money spent, they easily go do business elsewhere.

With customer loyalty programs, businesses have the chance to say thank you to their customers. They are an inexpensive and attractive perk that business owners can use to attract new clients and keep old ones.

The bottom line… your business has the potential to grow if you can keep old clients and bring in new ones. Customer Loyalty Programs are one very cost effective way of doing that. If you had not thought about it yet, it is probably time to reflect on how you can include it in your business plan. It is the ultimate thing to do if you want clients to continue doing business with you.


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