Give Your Clients What They Crave and They Stay Your Loyal Fans! 


Have you ever thought about the huge fan base you are creating with your marketing efforts? It may be hard to believe, but it is true. When you have a successful online business, it is putting you front and center. Believe it or not when you reach a certain aspect in your online marketing efforts, you have a group of people who are almost literally throwing wads of cash at you.

When people love your products and services, you will end up with a very passionate fan base. Think of what Justin Beiber has done…and he treats his fan base poorly! If you take care of your fans, you have the ability to lead them where you want and purchase what you want. It is a very powerful method for a marketer. The optimal marketing strategy is if you both love the same thing as it ends up in honest marketing.

So what is the most effective marketing strategy to engage in? It is where you are offering your fans what they want and need and it opens up an interactive dynamic. It should always appeal to them first and you as a marketer – second.


Are you a dog lover? Engage with your fan base about a particularly cute dog story. This is a group of fans that would be passionate about dogs and other owner’s experiences. However, these are not the stories that are monetized. Just make this a story about connecting with your audience and not expecting anything in return. This allows you to create a fan base of simply dog lovers.

What do you do with your dog when you want him to become your absolute best bud in the world? You feed him, play with him, and give him your undivided attention. In turn, your dog will never leave your side and will be devoted to you for the rest of his life. It is the same with online marketing. If you give that same amount of time and energy to your fans they will become devoted to you as well.

You must understand that this type of relationship needs time and energy to develop. Your customers need you to think of them as a friend. This is done by the way you interact with them online. Give them some personal time and do not make everything about a sale. When you treat your customers like your best friend you are building a relationship that s going to build fans.

Your Marketing Needs To Be About Their Wants

What do you think your dog is saying when he sees you walk in. The tail and jumping up and down says it all. He is excited to see you and wants to spend some quality time with you. Your customers can be the same way if you make them feel as though they are an important part of your life. You need to talk to them in their language and what they understand. This means that you have to be looking for content that they are going to enjoy and help to improve their life. When you are giving them what they want just because…it is building a loyal brand and fan base.

Using marketing to build a strong engagement activity will build and sustain your relations. In addition, you can create stories that are going to show how your products and services can help them in their lives.

You Need To Invest Time In Strong Relationships

If you give your fans the information they want you can lead them anywhere. However, if you use them as a meal ticket they are going to find the next best thing. Your marketing has to include building relationships in order to succeed online.

Keep Them Entertained

Have you ever wondered why companies spend so much on funny commercials that only entertain? They are using those to build a fan base. Those commercials help to humanize a company and make it friendly. It allows people to see the company as one of the good guys who is not only in it for the dollars.

Let’s take a look at an example. Have you ever seen any one of the Progressive insurance commercials? The company hired Stephanie Courtney to portray “Flo” as the spokesperson for progressive. Her main priority is to entertain and make people laugh and sell insurance second. Flo turned into a huge success and is as much of a household name as Ronald McDonald. You need to have a Flo for your business as well. Every business needs a memorable mascot that people can identify with and love. You can give them that mascot through the magic of marketing.

Develop A Marketing Budget

How much money do you think Progressive spent on their Flo campaign in 2013 alone? Insurance Journal ( has stated that they spent almost 600 million dollars in marketing expenses that year alone! Their main competition, GEICO, spent almost the same amount on ads featuring their gecko Do you think they were able to get people to invest in their brand? Of course, they did! If not they would not be using the same mascots so many years later. Take the time to find your target audience and treat them as people and they will become your fans, it is as simple as that.

We are here to help you learn to build your fan base. We are experts in using marketing tools to get you the fans you need and want. We have the time and expertise to do this. Do you? It’s best for you to do what you do best – your profession. Let us help you with your marketing.

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