Have you ever been able to put on headphones and escape to a different world? A world where the music that you are listening to is what controls your mood; it’s what makes you feel. Haven’t you ever had those songs that made you stop everything and just listen? Your favorite music isn’t just the few hundred songs that live on your computer or your iPhone… they represent a connection of emotion. An emotion that you can experience at your own convenience.

This connection of emotion is not forced, I mean you wouldn’t listen to music if you didn’t like it. Well then how do you explain that urge to listen? You don’t, you simply listen. What if customers just simply bought? Not because they were forced to, but because they trusted their feeling to buy your product. Well that’s what marketing is all about, to provide brand recognition and trust for potential and current customers.

3 Steps for Building Brand Trust Through Marketing:

  1. Consistency:

-A brand develops when people are able to begin believing the brands “guarantee” based on their experiences with the products/services.

Those experiences than transform over time into perceptions and expectations. If your brand isn’t able to meet those customer expectations every time, then your brand will fall apart. Take advantage of company brand guidelines, they will guide through fulfilling your customer needs. Marketers should strive to fulfill the “company mission” through every single customer interaction.

  1. Persistence:

-Aren’t you always able to recognize those celebrities’ faces posted on billboards all throughout your city/town? You almost get sick of looking and hearing about the same person over and over again. Well, the fact that you are able to recognize that face without any question is the result of excellent marketing. The reason celebrities can keep a steady personal profile and income is because of those news articles, billboards, of featured stories.

A brand isn’t built overnight. It’s tough to build that powerful brand that is seen all over the media, but you can do it! Businesses need to constantly be relaying messages and brand experiences to their target consumers.

  1. Constraint:

-Yes, I know this doesn’t necessarily seem like the most ambitious marketing technique, but think about this wisely. From the customer’s viewpoint, in any relationship, loyalty is important. Your brand needs to be marketed to your TARGETED customers, not just anyone that might give you a few bucks. Even though it might be tempting to extend into different markets or demographics, it’s very important that your company recognizes the value of constraint. When you are able to focus in on one particular crowd then that crowd will feel special and give you money.

So what does this all come down to? Those three strategies listed above are only a few of the many marketing techniques you can use to build your brand. The important thing to realize here is that a brand isn’t about making money; it’s about forming a trustworthy relationship with your customers. Once your customers can jam to your products, you can start jamming your way to success!

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