Do you run a solopreneur business? Is your business caring? Did you know that when you run a caring solopreneur business, you attract many more clients and make much more profit? Can you imagine how great it would be having prospects flood into your business regularly and becoming your loyal clients?

As a solopreneur, you run your business singlehandedly… so every gain you make is entirely yours. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be successful in such a venture? As I’ve already mentioned, success in your business can be guaranteed if you show your business to be one that genuinely cares for your clients.

But how can you make your solopreneur business caring so that it brings in many clients and boosts your sales? Keep reading to find out.

A Caring Solopreneur Always Does What Is Promised

Sometimes, running a business singlehandedly can be so overwhelming that you find yourself making promises you eventually do not keep. This is dangerous for your solopreneur business. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of your clients. When you promise to call them, call them. Respect all your appointments and never be late for any of them.

When you do these things, you will actually be taking care of your business and your clients – and they will build a lot of trust in you.

Can you then imagine how successful your solopreneur business will be when your fans trust you? Really, give this a go and see what happens. You can really change your business relationships by showing you genuinely care for your followers.

Be a True Solution Provider

As a solopreneur, you are your business’s manager, as well as your business’s customer service representative. You play several roles at the same time.

It is vital that you be a solution provider while carrying out these different functions. Sometimes, clients may contact you about business related issues frustrating them.  You might consider these clients to be annoying because they are taking up your time with issues that are really their responsibility to solve.

As a solopreneur business, play the role of a caring customer service agent. Remember that if the client comes to you for help, it is because he/she really cannot handle the issue at hand. Show patience and caring.  Do you best to work with and solve the problem in the best way you possibly can.

If the problem is tougher than you can handle, direct the client to where he/she could get a solution (even if this has to be your competitor.) Clients tend to appreciate your efforts to help them achieve their goals.  “Being there” for them inspires and motivates them to trust you for future service.  They love knowing a trusted business resource that will go the extra mile to solve their problems.

Update Your Clients on the Status of Their Queries

Have you ever sent a request to a business and wondered it was ever received? Imagine having to wait many days wondering if the business will respond to your request/worry.

Disturbing isn’t it?

Well, that is the same way your clients feel if your business does this to them. To be a caring solopreneur business, you have to send your clients regular updates on their requests/queries. Send an email notifying them that their worry/concern has been received, and tell them when they can expect to get a solution.

If possible, update them each time progress is made on their query. Above all, ensure that you solve their problem within the deadline you gave them. It would be great if the issue could be solved much earlier than anticipated, but when possible, avoid letting it pass the deadline.

The more clients have to wait for updates on (or solutions to) their request, the angrier they generally get to be. You really don’t want to get clients of your solopreneur business angry with you. That will be bad news!!!

Make Use of Feedback from Clients

Feedback is one important aspect that is sometimes neglected by business owners. When you run a solopreneur business, every single client you have is extremely important for the success of your business.

If you are caring and treat your clients well, they will always come back and bring along their friends and colleagues. It is necessary therefore to listen to their feedback. Receive feedback in good faith; and while you take praises as consolation for a great job, work on the areas you are criticized to make your business even better.







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