The world we live in is full of distractions; products flood the marketplace and everyone “must” buy them in order to exist. The truth is, a consumer can find this to be very annoying and almost overwhelming. As a business, a crowded and competitive market makes finding customers that much more difficult. How do you distinguish your business from all the others? How do you win over customers that are constantly being poked by thousands of businesses?

Please don’t fret, it is most definitely possible! I like to look at companies like Harrys. this company was started by two guys who realized a simple problem; men aren’t able to get a quality shave at a reasonable price. So what did they do? They connected with their targeted customer segment, created a solution, and then used their “story” to connect with their customers.

Check out these few simple tips to translate this to your marketing approach!

  1. “You can’t sell anything, if you can’t tell” – Beth Comstock (CEO of GE)

The times have changed.  This isn’t the same marketplace. Businesses, at least those that are successful, aren’t going door to door with a script and advertising their product. The standard of living has increased and people demand entertainment along with their product. The brass tacks is, customers want to hear a story behind your product.

If you can tell a story about your product that can inspire or tug on someone’s heart strings, then you can start paying the rent. Personally, I love hearing why a company is why it is. It not only gives a good description of your company’s mission, but it also gives your product depth and value.

  1. Establish a Deeper Value

We all know that your typical smart phone is supposed to make calls and send text messages, but what about the other elements? One of the reasons why the Apple iPhone was so successful was because Apple was able to establish a value people didn’t even realize. In 2013, Apple released a commercial that exemplifies their marketing approach.

Benefits first, features second. Remember that a customer is already interested in the “features” of any given product. Businesses that are able to explain the benefits and inspiration behind their product are the ones that capture the market.

  1. Keep it Simple

A Ted Talk by psychologist Barry Schwartz explained the paradox of choice concept. In short, the concept claims many people view having many choices as a positive when in fact it is the opposite. While society promotes the idea of having “options”, too many can make out for a very overwhelming lifestyle.

Business should strive to integrate this paradox into their marketing. Just as too many choices overwhelm people, too many products/services/promotions will overwhelm your consumers. Instead of promoting a vast array of products/services, focus in a one or two big ticket items. This will not only keep it simple for your consumers, but also create value for your brand.

People don’t look for a description of a product, frankly they don’t care. It’s tough to find a commercial where Apple really dives into the technology behind their products. They instead promote the story behind the iPhone and the iPad. It doesn’t come as a surprise that these are some of the most successful products to hit the market. People want to hear your story; so get it out there.

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